Rabbit / Ferret Boarding

Rabbit / Ferret Boarding

Per Week
We provide very large accommodation for your furry family | Check your companion into one of our spacious bunny hotels where they can binkie all day! We have accommodation up to 8ft x 6ft available to book. Daily hutch free time is standard in an attached enclosure to keep your bun(s) happy while they holiday with us. | We provide everything except your bunnies usual nugget food. | Hutches are spot cleaned every day and litter trays emptied, a full fresh bed is provided weekly. An unlimited supply of fresh farmers hay is also included. - from £40 per week outdoor. - Additional pets in the same accommodation charged at £5 each - Additional days are charged at £4 each (week rate from 4th day), daily rate from £10 (up to 3rd day) | We have two large bunny boarding enclosures - Binky Warren measures 6ft x 6ft (£45 per week for the first pet) Pippin Burrow measures 8ft x 6ft (£50 per week for the first pet). | Ferrets are also welcome to board in our enclosures. |

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